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When you start to think about the development of an IT project you probably have questions about the issues and challenges related to the security of it.
Answering them is a priority research and architecture phase, computer security should not be thought about only during the development of a project, but before, during and after its development. It is a work of constant monitoring and evolution.

We are available to answer your questions and help you define a secure and coherent architecture so that you can create a viable and secure product for your users. Our expertise is on IoT, Web and Mobile projects.


A PenTest is when an Ethical Hacker attempts to break into an information system (datacenter, servers, site or application) with the permission of the owner of that system.
The purpose of this operation is to detect the vulnerabilities of the system and know if they can be exploited so that they can repair them before they can be exploited for malicious purposes.

The expertise of our Ethical Hackers is mainly on the GNU/Linux server architectures, network communications (WiFi, network exchanges, Web API consumption) and web, mobile and IoT applications.

Each of our penetration test comes with a complete report listing each vulnerability found as well as a demonstration of vulnerability exploitation and personalized advice to secure your systems.


Our goal is that at term, you and your team will be autonomous and able to select, implement and maintain security solutions adapted to your company.

For developers and IT professionals, we organize training sessions to give your team the tools to audit themselves the security of an infrastructure.
For the entrepreneurs, we train you so that you can quickly set up the first security processes for your company.

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